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Why a Home Inventory is Important                           

Put yourself to the test.  Could you make a list of everything in your home from memory, without going room by room?  Most of us would answer no, which is why a Home Inventory is such a necessity.  When a natural disaster or burglary occurs, your insurance company will require documented proof of possessions that are stolen, damaged or destroyed.  They will want an itemized list which is not easily created, especially during a crisis.  A Home Inventory will also help you determine the amount of insurance coverage you need.


What to Include

EVERYTHING!  The first items that come to mind are usually the most obvious:  furniture, appliances, electronics, artwork, jewelry and treasured keepsakes.  But don’t forget the occasionally overlooked draperies, carpets, toys, clothing, etc.  Every item in your home needs to be documented.  Video tapes, photographs and receipts are invaluable records in a home inventory as well.


Where to Start


As daunting as it may seem, preparing your home inventory can be quite simple with the right tools.  Paper and pen is one option, but inventory software is an excellent alternative. The Insurance Information Institute offers home inventory software called Know Your Stuff ( This software is not complicated to use and even makes creating a home inventory enjoyable. It contains an inventory wizard along with the ability to store digital or scanned photographs and receipts.  Once you have completed your inventory, it is easy to keep your information up-to-date and maintain an accurate record of all your possessions. 

Keep in mind, after creating your home inventory you can store a copy of the file and all receipts at another location such as a relative or friend’s home or in your safe deposit box.  An even better option is to store your information on a secure server at Secure Swiss Databank ( where you can access it day or night.  In the event your home is destroyed, you will have peace of mind knowing you can access your inventory list from a remote location and you’ll be sure to have something to give your insurance representative if your home is damaged or destroyed.


Don’t wait…start preparing your home inventory now.  You never know when you may need it and the tools are right at your fingertips!